Robert Bevan

Richard Bevan’s third son, Robert (1865-1925), did not enter the family business but was allowed to enrol at art school and pursue a career as an artist. Robert became one of Sickert’s Fitzroy Street Group and was a founder member of both the Camden Town Group and the London Group. Robert Bevan’s work did not enjoy widespread recognition in his lifetime but now commands tens of thousands of pounds at auction. The Museum has on permanent display his preparatory study for “Town Field, Horsgate”, a painting now owned by Reading Museum.

Horses were always a favourite subject. London cabyard and horse sale scenes are in Brighton Museum, the Tate Gallery, Southampton Art Gallery, the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and other public collections.

Horsgate, Hanlye Lane, Cuckfield, where the artist Robert Bevan was brought up.
The museum's mantrap where it used to hang in the Horsgate stableyard.


Preparatory drawing for 'The Town Field' Horsgate 1914. The painting is in Reading Museum.
Preparatory drawing for 'Ploughing on the Downs'. The painting is in Aberdeen Art Gallery.


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