oral history

Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps in Cuckfield during WW2

Mona Lindsay remembers her time at the 13th Canadian General Hospital in Cuckfield during WW2 when when she worked as a Nursing Sister with the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps. She was interviewed in 1997 by Stephen Holroyd, in conversation with Win Rollett who, as a Cuckfield girl, worked in the hospital laundry throughout the war.

Click on the image to listen to an extract from the interview.

Click here to see a copy letter of a letter Mona sent home in 1944. Mona’s son Les said that there are a few things to know before you read it: spelling was not their mother’s strong suit so there are a few errors throughout and when she refers to a “Sister” she is talking about her rank, “Nursing Sister”. At the end of the letter she refers to Eileen, who is her eldest sister. She also refers to travelling to Ireland. Her father was born near Belfast and emigrated to Canada in the early 1900’s. Although most of his large family had scattered to Canada, Australia, New Zealand or America, she was able to visit some of the few remaining relatives in Ireland. Mona sadly died in 2010.

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