How you can help

Receiving no directly-devolved funding, Cuckfield Museum is entirely dependent on the generosity of its supporters.  Their support comes in a variety of forms: financial donations from visitors and other members of the public; subscriptions from our Friends and Patrons; and an untold number of hours given by our dedicated team of Stewards and Volunteers, without whom the museum could not function.


Financial donations may be made in person at one of the cash collection boxes or by using our contactless card terminal, or by post for the attention of the Treasurer.   Cheques should be made out to ‘Cuckfield Museum CIO’.

If you would like to donate an object to the Museum, please complete our Object Donation Enquiry form which can be found here.

Members of Cuckfield Museum

We have three tiers of membership:

  • A Friend of the Museum pays an annual subscription of £10 per person
  • A Patron of the Museum pays a minimum annual subscription of £25
  • An Enterprise Patron is for businesses who pay a minimum of £50 per annum.

As a member you will receive a regular Newsletter and you will be entitled to reduced entry rates to most of our events and an invitation to attend our Christmas Coffee Morning and the mid-summer Afternoon Tea.  In addition we hold an annual Special Patrons’ Event.  Click here for a Membership Form and here for a Standing Order Form.

Stewards and Volunteers

Our Stewards are the public face of our museum.  Visitors appreciate the warm welcome they receive from our stewards, and are grateful for the information they give them, whether about our current displays, old Cuckfield families, or our comprehensive collection of maps, illustrations and archives.

Often beavering away quietly in the background, our Volunteers support our Curatorial Team in a whole range of matters relating to caring for the collection, keeping the museum clean and pest-free, and keeping accurate records.  Some also assist with school visits and other organised events.

For further information on being a steward or a volunteer please contact us here