Local Businesses

Cuckfield has been a centre for trades and businesses for hundreds of years.  There is evidence that it was a thriving market town as early as the C13th and the museum has a copy of a market charter dated 1670.   People from the surrounding area would have come to purchase food and household goods, to have their tools mended, or to drink at the various ale houses.

The museum has information about many local businesses and trades from the saddler and bootmakers etc. to the ladies and their glove making.   The High Street has gradually lost many of the long established shops although others arrived to take their place.  The various inns would have been well used in the past, as they are today.   Cuckfield declined in importance with the coming of the railway in 1841 and the subsequent growth of Haywards Heath.

Emily Wells née Vaughan (1850-1950) Glove Maker
Reuben Harris' Saddlery Shop in Broad Street, ca 1900


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