Cuckfield Remembers



On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 the ‘War to end all Wars’ ended. 

100 years on throughout the country there will be opportunities to remember those who took part in the conflict and to honour the memory of those who gave their lives for their country.












In 1914, Cuckfield was a small village of approximately 2,000 souls of which 462 signed up for military service during the war years. 

81 Cuckfield men gave their lives in the conflict.  Photographs of 37 of the 81 will be displayed outside their 35 homes.

Click here  for a map of the Photographic Trail (to enable you to print this map).




Marcus Grimes’ window will display photographs of 72 of the 81 men and the White Harte, Cuckfield Bathrooms, Cuckfield iWear and the Rose and Crown will display photographs of the Post Office Rifles who were billeted in the village for 6 months in 1914-15.  Photographs at the Queen’s Hall will show when it was used a Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) Hospital.

In addition there will be a number of events taking place around Cuckfield from 29th October until 11th November.  See here for details:  


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