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Californian Skeptics Society visit Mantell Monument

Contributed by Rebecca Skimimg

On Sun 17th July 2016, a group of 96 from the Skeptics Society, based in California, visited Whitemans Green and the Mantell Monument to see the place where some of the first fossils to be recognised as dinosaurs were found. Their visit was one stop on a grand geological and scientific tour of Great Britain that included national museums, the birthplaces and homes of famous scientists and iconic geological landscapes.

The museum had organised to meet the group as a surprise with examples of the local stone and replicas of the finds (the genuine fossils being too precious and fragile to make the journey up the hill). We also had copies of the frontispieces from Gideon Mantell’s 1827, 1833 and 1857 publications and a sketch of the quarry made in 1872 so that they could line up the view with the church spire and imagine themselves in a 19th Century landscape.

For those wanting to see the view, the best position is just past the pavilion on the bend of the athletics track.

Thankfully the weather was fine and it was a pleasure to meet such an enthusiastic group.


Whitemans Green quarry, 19th Century
Dr Prothero with Rebecca Skiming from the Cuckfield Museum
















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