New Book by Colin Manton: "Haywards Heath Through Time"

The book tells the story of Haywards Heath using fascinating 'then and now' photographs and will be of great interest to those who know the town. The book sells at £15.

Text Box: Haywards Heath is a remarkable place with an intriguing history. Misguidedly characterised as 'large and quite amorphous', detailed inspection actually reveals a dynamic settlement that spread like a patchwork quilt in a distinctive pattern of development. It was indisputably the railway, a Victorian marvel cut through bare heathland in 1841 and bringing with it the county asylum and one of the country's largest cattle markets, which was the making of Haywards Heath. This fascinating selection of photographs traces some of the many ways in which Haywards Heath has changed and developed over the last century. There is far more to the district than that, however. The town's standing buildings and the local place names hint in places at much earlier history: a deadly battle of the Civil War in 1642, two thriving medieval manors, and even travellers and traders on a Roman road. This collection of evocative old and new images vividly illustrates these events as well as the intricacies of generations of everyday life in Haywards Heath.



A Century Ago - by Alan Miller. Price£ 4.00.

The story of the building of the Queens Hall to celebrate the Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1997, told by a local historian. A5 size.

A Chronicle of Cuckfield - by Maisie Wright. Price £4.00.

An illustrated history of Cuckfield from 1000 to 1991 by a local historian. A5 size.

A Small Town at War, 1917 in Mid Sussex - by Alan Miller. Price £4.00.

A year in the life of the people of Cuckfield during the Great War with illustrations. A5 size.

Safe in Cuckfield. Price £5.00.

Describes the lives of children evacuated to Cuckfield during WW2, as recounted by several who have revisited the area recently.

Cuckfield Remembered - by Shirley Bond. Price £10.00.

A book about the men from Cuckfield who went to war in 1914 -18. A snapshot of their lives and families with much interesting local historical detail. Shirley uses a unique set of photographs of the men who died which is held at Cuckfield Museum.

Nurse Stoner's Diaries - edited by C. Salter. Price £2.00.

The edited diaries of Cuckfield's first District Nurse. A fascinating account of one strong woman's life in Victorian times. A5 size.

Cuckfield Park - by Mary Stoner. Price £1.00.

A booklet which transcribes the memories of Mary, one time servant at Cuckfield Park.   Many local families and places are mentioned.  She went on to become Cuckfield's first district nurse.

Education in Cuckfield - by Joan Ward. Price £2.00.

The story of schooling in Cuckfield from the 16th century. A5 size.

"A Record Reign". Price £1.00.

The story of the celebrations in Mid Sussex for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897. A4 size.

Macaulay House. Price £1.00.

4 page leaflet on the story of the Jewish School at Ockenden Manor in Cuckfield. A4 size.

Pack of 4 Bevan postcards. Price £1.00.

Reproductions of four different paintings by artist Robert Bevan, Camden Town Group Painter, 1865 -1925 whose family lived in Cuckfield.

Individual Bevan Postcard 30p.

Cuckfield 900 Sampler Cards. Price £1.00.

The sampler which commemorated the founding of Cuckfield in 1092.

Cuckfield 900 Sampler Card 20p.

Other books for sale:

Local History - Family 6 £1.00

Cuckfield Conservation Area £5.00

Not Just a Name Cast in Stone £4.00

World War 2 The Kitchen Front 50p


Other items for sale:

Museum Pencil 50p

Cuckfield Mug £6.00

Tea Towel £4.00

To order any of these items or publications, please complete this order form , add £1.50 per item for postage and packing and send it with payment to the museum. Please note, if you order Cuckfield Remembered - by Shirley Bond, add £2.00 for postage and packing.


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